Video Page: Below are links to various videos related to javelin throwing- for now.  More videos  
       with aspects of training and technique will be added over time, so come back and check out the additions!

MacThrowVideo: a great throws web site with a page dedicated to videos  (all throws ) I've sent to them-
                                 there's even a video clip of me throwing 70m w/ the new stick at the top of the page!

Training @ the Forest Facility: a workout in Nov. 2011 w/ Barry Krammes, Adam Burke & Josh Hontz filmed by World
                                                  Shot Champion John Godina, who was in town to check out the facilities and run one of
                                                  his coaching education programs-  you may have to cut & paste the link......

Common Technical Errors:

Tribute to Janis Lusis:

Javelin technical models for lefties:

Local TV News Video: WTVD11 comes to Chapel Hill Sept, 2007 to see what Klub Keihas does.....

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