More Friends........
Ashlee Gorski:  3 X NC HS State finalist (discus); 2X Conference discus and shot champ; 8X All Conference (4 SP, 4 DT)
           NC HS Regional discus champion; Mobile, AL Meet of Champions finals; PB's- 116' discus, 35' shot, 107' javelin

Michelle Gorski: 3X NC HS State finalist (discus); 2X conference champ & record holder (discus); 4X All Conference ( 2 DT, shot &  pole vault)
                         USATF Regional Junior Olympic  champion (javelin);  PB's- 121' discus, 34' shot, 116' javelin, 9'6" pole vault, 16' long jump 

Anna Raynor: 3X All American at UNC-W; PB- 54.60m 
 3rd 2007 USATF meet; 2007 NACAC silver medalist
 2X Penn Relays champ; owns organic salsa business
Barry Krammes: All American at East Stroudsburg Univ. PB-78.97m; Competes for Shore AC;
US team vs GB/Russia; teamed with Dan Gale at ESU; coaches US Junior champ Allison Updike
Chris Clever: All American for Harvard; 3rd at 2002 USATF meet; PB- 77.70m;  competed for Klub Keihas from 2002-04
Delyle Woods- LSU grad was Top 10 US ranked from 1998-2001, competing for Klub Keihas from 1999-2001; US Junior record and 1993 Pan Am Juniors champ (71.88m);  PB- 75m
Tom Pukstys: Florida All American was Top US javelinist during 1990's- US #1 10 times; worked w/ Jeff from 1996-2000 and set 5 US records and was World Top 10 ranked twice while competing for Adidas; 8th at 1996 Olympics; was only 3rd non-Finn to win Keihaskarnivaalit (1999); PB-87.12m
Dr Bob Sing: An institution in PA/NJ javelin circles; trained in Chapel Hill w/ Jeff as both shot for 1984 Olympic team; PB- 78m old rules 70m new rules;
paired with Jeff for numerous camps and clinics over 20 years; helped found Javelin USA (based in Phil., PA); has coached many HS and college champions
Dan Gale, Jr: All-American for East Stroudsburg Univ w/ teammate Barry Krammes; PB 70.69m;  Dan has a special place w/ me.... he got me back into serious coaching after my wife's accident- essentially he was my therapist  THANKS DAN;  currently Ass't AD at Old Dominion Univ
The Germans: Raymond Hecht (PB 92.60m), Peter Blank (PB 88.70m) & Boris Henry (90.44m) were great guys I met when I was working with Tom Pukstys; I learned a lot from watching and talking w/ them as well as their coaches, Bernd Biersweich & Klaus Bartonietz on many aspects of javelin training;  A fun loving group who I enjoyed being around in Baton Rouge or Chapel Hill from 1997 thru 2000
The Finns: Lynda and Mikke Ingberg became good friends in 1997 and that resulted in several 4-6 week training camps in Chapel Hill (1998-2001) by Tapio Korjus (1988 0lympic champ) athletes- Juha Laukkanen (88.22m), Harri Haatinen (86.63m), Mikke Ingberg (66m old rules/64m new) & Kirsi Ahonen (61m);  joined for 2000 camp by National Javelin coach Kari Ihalainen; an interesting comparison of training and technique with the German crew; the Finns were also fanatics about fishing
Breaux Greer: US record holder (91.29m) and 3X Olympian; a friend since 1997, we've had many discussions about things other than javelin;
Karma & I brought Breaux & Kari Ihalainen together in 2007 and that pairing resulted in Breaux's best season- 2 90m throws and a World Championship bronze;
A Pi Kappa Alpha brother as well
Here's the most important person in my javelin development; my wife Elaine.  Over 33+ years she has sacrificed time, money, blood, sweat and tears doing things that allowed me (sometimes with her) to travel around the globe to compete, coach and learn.  She is without a doubt the reason I've been able to do anything in this sport, as an athlete or coach.  If any of you have ever been helped by me in some way, you owe her a big "thanks!"..... it never would have happened without her.